Shadow: Mom and Dad just got back from their yearly trip to Mexico.
Mom is always so much more relaxed when they come back. She calls
it “re-charging” her batteries. That would make sense since Dad refers
to her as the “Every ready Bunny.” (whatever that is) If Mom is a bunny,
she sure is a cute one. Just like our newest member of the household,
Bob, the lop-eared bunny. Very cute I say, just like my Mom. Anyway
it’s good to have them home, and Mom is looking forward to helping a
whole bunch of families find a good home…just like Bob.

Rudy: Bob? What kind of name is Bob for a bunny? What is a bunny
for that matter? Is it a dog? If it is, then call it a dog! Whatever it is, it
sure seems to be getting a whole lot of attention. Attention I am used
to getting by the way. Do I feel threatened? No. Well perhaps a bit.
Well OK yes. This 5 pound shrimp comes along and all of sudden…
oh he’s soooo cute. He’s sooo precious. I’m every bit cute and much
more precious pound for pound, but do I get any of that lovin’…noooo.
What I’m…

Kovu: Put a bone in it will ya! First of all you went home. You and Shadow. Passed over.
Yes I still talk to you and listen to your Vege-o-matic logic but you don’t “live” with the
bunny, we do. We don’t mind if Dad takes care of Bob. In fact I kind of like it. More time
for give me if you see what I mean. Shadow still runs the house while you seem to still run
your yap! Just let me rest by giving it a rest OK?

Sara Bea: Well said on a few points my dear Kovu. He does still talk a lot though about things he knows
little about. Could be because of the two books he’s written, but still. As for Bob. He’s furry and I am
intriqued. He doesn’t do much and doesn’t seem to give a hoot about
me. I am not used to that. I am the center of attention where ever I
go, and if not, I make it so. But Bob does nothing and everyone loves
him. Humm… perhaps I should start doing nothing. (Pause) Nope.
Can’t do it. There’s many to many things that needs to be done and
only one of me. I guess that now ends that discussion.

Nook: Not quite. Bob used to live here. The boy and his mom
couldn’t take care of him anymore and it concerned Dad. So he
moved in downstairs and he is very happy. So my advise to you all
is “It Bobby. Be happy” and get over yourselves. After all as Dad
is fond of saying “he’s just a little guy” and he needs a family and
we’re it. Actually I never see him but I still send moral support every

Now folks can say, as the coffee girls says about us “when I die I
want to come back as…your bunny”

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