Rudy the Reindeer

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,

All the doggies were stirring, with Sara chasing a mouse.

After all of this action, they all had to pee,

When they saw in the den, someone had planted a tree!

Ah… that object of which all doggies yearn,

One by one, they all took their turn.

Then they all took to scratching the “snow” with their paws,

When one of them noticed the tree was covered with balls.

Sara swatted at one and it suddenly broke

They all became quiet. Nobody spoke.

Then all of a sudden, all heck busted loose,

There in the doorway stood a fat guy with twelve angry moose.

He began throwing boxes under that tree

Hundreds of chew toys is all they could see.

Grabbing his milk as he had to be gettin’,

Besides all the cookies were already eaten.

Off over Nook’s house he flew with a shout,

Dropping a few boxes so Nook wouldn’t be left out.

The boxes were wet, but they didn’t care,

All it did was make them easier to tear.

Bored with the boxes to the kitchen they did saunter,

Only to find some more on the counter.

Apple or pumpkin, it was for them to decide,

Until down came their  Mom, who angrily cried



“What have you done?  This whole place is a mess!”

“Uh, it was that big fat guy” they would quickly confess.

Those pies would now become a thing of the past,

As with all good things, it was too good to last.

So they all took their places as they do every year,

To watch their dear family, enjoy  Christmas cheer.

Except for dad Davey, who is easily bored,

“Bah humbug” said he, but he was all but ignored. 

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