Shadow: STOP THE PRESSES! JUST IN: NOOK HAS TRANSISIONED! Yes it seems Nook (the Stallion of a husky) has just gotten into the limo.

Just for the record, (and mom always wants this to be made clear), Rudy and I are speaking from the Rainbow Bridge in the spirit world. Actually, Rudy is usually off playing with the cows so I often write his stuff in. Also here are Alcu, Rex and Pixie. And now NOOK has at last joined us. We have watched him everyday since Dave started taking care of him over two years ago. He is so handsome it's hard not to notice. Where ever he went on their walks people would oooo and ahhh. I know because they did the same thing with me. Not that I am Nook or anything. There is ONLY ONE Nook. And now here he is.

Rudy: Yes, this is really me talking no matter what my lug of a brother says. I can speak for myself (unless the cows are exceptionally playful that is).

I love that Nook is here. Fourteen is pretty old in our dog world. Shadow and I didn't make it that far. So far brother Kovu seems to be setting some kind of record. Nook is very handsome and that's the one thing that may bother me now that he's here. All the girls are going to look at him. In any case, welcome cousin Nook. Now let's get out and I'll introduce you to some cows.

Kovu: What kind of record. So I'm the EVERYREADY KOVU. I have more music in me and, as mom and dad know, I sing (bark) every night from the landing (a.k.a. the balcony). Sara has been joining in with her howling lately and trying to steal my thunder. Keep it up little grasshopper. Don't mess with the master. I used to watch Nook go walking with dad from the same landing. He always seemed to me to look like a show dog, all right and proper. But heck when you look like him, it must come naturally. I will miss seeing you strolling by, as will half of the cul-de-sac. Hug Shadow and terrorize Boots for me.

Sara: So, Nook you won't be going on anymore walks with dad. Well I believe you know how I felt about those. Yes that was me barking my fool head off every time you walked by: coming and going. Yes, I was jealous. Well, who wouldn't be: a big handsome brute like you all macho and testosterone laden, strutting like a bag dog in the hood. I was afraid dad may like you better than my sweet, unassuming self. After a while he took to putting me in the car when he walked you just so I wouldn't bark. I knew you weren't a threat to me, but I had to let you two know I was there, watching. I feel bad about that now...but not that bad. You are alright in my book, my handsome friend (but I have to tell you my pages are mostly blank).

Bobby: I only saw you cuz when you were off on your walk and back. You barely noticed me the time I lived on the porch (which I am thankful for).

But I noticed you. You were very strong and commanding. If you were a bunny we would definitely be hangin'. But you are not a bunny: you are a dog. After I was adopted by Dave and Mary and moved inside I didn't see you again, but thanks to Bea I knew you were there. If a bunny can miss a dog, then count me in as a member of that club. Namaste my friend.

Nook: First I want to say that even though I tend toward being a loner( it's my breed) I DID enjoy everyone I came in contact with, except for a few doggies and perhaps a stray cat or two. Oh yeah, and that bird that always wanted to eat my food until dad fixed it. I want to thank my first mom, Deb, who brought me into her family when I was a wee one. It was great fun. As I got older, I want to thank Chris for feeding me when mom and dad were out of town. You are very much a dog guy. Next is Dawn, who filled in quite nicely with the feeding and treat duties. Thanks. Desiree. What can I say? You gave me the most beautiful bed to sleep on. I love it and I love you. Mom? You are the best. You not only took care of me quite often, but you and Jim helped me transition when I needed it the most. With dad in California (whatever that is) tending to his mom, you, MY mom was there for me. For that I will love you forever, and I can see now that there IS forever. Finally, to my dad. I will never forget that day you looked over the fence at me surrounded by those darn overgrown alders. I didn't know what those treats were you were throwing at me, but I sure learned fast. For the past few years you showed me what human love really is. You committed to my well being. You walked me every day. Fed me the highest quality food. Filled my water bowl. Gave me TREATS which I had never known. Played hide and seek with me. And most of all, loved me. I love you more than I can ever say. You may feel your heart is empty with me gone, but it's not: I'm right in there where you made room and I always will be until I see you again. I love you dad.          

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