Shadow: Well Dad is off on another trip to see his folks in California. HIS Dad is quite sick and his Mom needs his help. So Dad leaves our Mom in charge of the house while he’s gone. I used to miss him when he would leave for a few days, but Mom does a real good job, and he’s home before we knew it.

Rudy: I slept when Dad was home and I slept when he was away. Didn’t real see any difference. Yeah we didn’t move around as much with Mom, you know “do your business and back into the kennel” but guess what: I slept in the kennel too. I mean it’s a big as a car so we could all sleep. Shadow would stand guard and we all would sleep. It was great.

Kovu: Yes. I agree with Rudy. We really do sleep most of the day. Actually we astral travel while we are sleeping, but I don’t mean to get all metaphysical on you here. It’s just a fact. When Dad is away my other Dad Chris would sometimes come around and take us out for a walk. It is always great to see him but now he lives out in the Valley where and whatever that is.

Sara: It sucks when Dad is gone. No walks in the dog park. No double walks. Not a TREAT to be found. Just a few treats to tie up the wounds until the interminable week is past. But nooooo… Treats make you fat and Mom is my unsolicited diet plan. I like it when Dad is home and all the rest is waiting.

Nook: When Dad is gone I usually don’t get a walk. Now that used to be a problem until recently, a very short walk is just fine. Gets me back to my treat bag quicker, and my joints do ache a bit. Usually it’s Desiree that feeds me, but when Dad leaves it’s Mom. Desiree’s “hide and seek” game goes on a bit longer than Mom’s. She’s not so good on the seek part.

Bob: This is the first time Dad has gone away since I have lived here. I understand with Shadow gone that Sara guards all of us. I like that. I am getting used to Sara or she is just ignoring me. Either way I heard Dad give Mom the rundown on the food, especially the yogurt- dipped treats which Desiree says is “crack for bunnies.” I’m here to tell you…she’s right!

Safe trip and hurry home to us Dad!!

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