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Shadow: STOP THE PRESSES! JUST IN: NOOK HAS TRANSISIONED! Yes it seems Nook (the Stallion of a husky) has just gotten into the limo.

Just for the record, (and mom always wants this to be made clear), Rudy and I are speaking from the Rainbow Bridge in the spirit world. Actually, Rudy is usually off playing with the cows so I often write his stuff in. Also here are Alcu, Rex and Pixie. And now NOOK has at last joined us. We have watched him everyday since Dave started taking care of him over two years ago. He is so handsome it's hard not to notice. Where ever he went on their walks people would oooo and ahhh. I know because they did the same thing with me. Not that I am Nook or anything. There is ONLY ONE Nook. And now here he is.

Rudy: Yes, this is…

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Shadow: Well Dad is off on another trip to see his folks in California. HIS Dad is quite sick and his Mom needs his help. So Dad leaves our Mom in charge of the house while he’s gone. I used to miss him when he would leave for a few days, but Mom does a real good job, and he’s home before we knew it.

Rudy: I slept when Dad was home and I slept when he was away. Didn’t real see any difference. Yeah we didn’t move around as much with Mom, you know “do your business and back into the kennel” but guess what: I slept in the kennel too. I mean it’s a big as a car so we could all sleep. Shadow would stand guard and we all would sleep. It was great.

Kovu: Yes. I agree with Rudy. We really do sleep most of the day. Actually we astral travel while we are…

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The more things you have, the more you have to take care of. And in this case, the more that you have to store that gets in the way of finding the things that you actually use. Periodically, you need to go through every closet, drawer, cabinet and storage area to get rid of the things that are just taking up space in your home and your life.

Every item requires the decision to retain or remove. Consider these questions as you examine each item:

• When was the last time you used it?
• Do you believe you’ll use it again?
• Is there a sentimental reason to keep it?

You have four options for the things that you’re not going to keep. If you know someone who needs it or will appreciate it, you can give it to them. You can sell it in a garage sale or on…

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