Well we returned from visiting family in Salt Lake City to find a nice, thin veneer of the white stuff on the lawn and driveway. So the termination dust has made its way down to terminate what was a really great summer. The weather cooperated nicely for all outside activities. I hope you feel the same.

Just a note: We remembered to take our mowers in for a tune up around April, but sometimes that snow blower gets left for years without any similar attention. That is the case around here as Dave checked the oil in the little red beast before we left and it is coal black and the consistency of his coffee. It weighs about twice what the mower does, he will have to wait for our son Chris to help him get it into the Jeep but it IS going to the shop! Last thing we need, after what I hope will be a snowy winter, is for there to be a few feet of snow on a Friday and it to still be there on Monday because the blower quit.

Tonight is the last night of the Tuesday Night at the Races series concluding at Kincaid Park with a costume run. Now I don’t have to tell you how wild Dave is about this last race. He really is exited…because it IS the last race. There is a bit of ice so Mr. Wimple will probably walk it with his book on tape. That’s OK though because slipping and falling and breaking a wrist or worse could really put a damper on our winter activities program I have planned for him.

Hummm…in that case perhaps he WILL run it after all. There could be over a thousand folks there as it is the last “run” which is the average draw over the 8 run season. That is pretty incredible. I spoke of the series with my family in SLC and they couldn’t believe we get that many participants in a “fun” run.

There is a run on Thanksgiving that I have us signed up for and then it’s on to “Ski for Women” and my assault on the triple patch plus one. That would be Ski, Run, Bike for women and the Gold Nuggett Triathlon. And Dave and the pups are a great support. They sit there and cheer…from the nice warm car and say they are listening to it on the radio. That’s OK as they really are a great support.

Finally with the PFD checks in, folks are making the final moves of the year in regards to purchasing a home, so all you sellers out there, be advised the year is not over yet and things probably won’t slow up until the holidays.

Until Later,


Mary Cox

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