Yes it’s that time again. Time to appreciate our clients,


Now you may be thinking, “Gee they only appreciate their clients one day every year. Now while that may be more than most, it’s only an illusion. We appreciate OUR clients every time we get the chance to talk with them. We appreciate that they chose us to represent them. We appreciate their insightful questions and their patience as we explain the answers. And it is always nice when you, the client, appreciate us!

This year the party, for the first time EVER, will not be at Mary’s house. Now Dave asked “does that mean we don’t have to do the windows, carpets, floors etc…?” Answer, no.

All it means is it will be easier for our clients to attend and park if we were to hold it at the office. So that is what has been decided. Same time as every year, perhaps a half hour later start (more on that from the announcement) but since it will be in Midtown at 3350 Midtown Place, we hope more will be able to attend and I know everyone will appreciate that!

So let’s get out those party hats (actually, please don’t) and come on in and let us appreciate you all over again. New Clients. Past Clients. Future Clients. We hope to see all of you. Stay as long as you like and perhaps meet some new folks. There will be plenty of room and I know Dave is looking forward to being out of the basement and into the sunlight of the second floor of the building. The only thing missing will be the doggies, but they will be in the Jeep so everyone can still say hello.

So come on down May 1st from 530-730 pm or “up” as we are having the party on the second floor. See you here!

Take Care,

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