Why would you consider refinancing if your mortgage is only two or three years old and the rate is not considerably higher than what is currently available on new loans? Because you may be able to eliminate the mortgage insurance and have significant monthly savings. chopped.jpg

Many homes have seen their values rise in the past few years. The current loan-to-value ratio may be low enough to no longer require mortgage insurance. In some cases, a homeowner might actually pay a little higher rate than they currently have but lower their monthly payment dramatically because the mortgage insurance isn’t required.

A rough rule of thumb is that mortgage insurance is not needed on loans at or less than 80% of value. There could be programs available that would allow…

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Low inventories resulting in multiple offers are contributing to what experienced agents are calling the most challenging market they’ve ever worked. While buyers with resources may find the market difficult, purchasers with minimum cash and credit are struggling to find and get into a home. where are sellers.jpg

First-time buyers feel the impetus to purchase because they’re renting and are concerned about being priced out of the market with rapidly appreciating prices and rising interest rates.

Sellers may not feel the same urgency because they already own a home. While they might find it appealing to change homes, they may not feel a pressing motivation causing them to act.

In some cases, sellers are so attached to their low interest rate mortgage that instead of…

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Preserve the memories you’re making by taking photographs of your home now. The pictures will remind you of the role your home played with your family and life.

Reminiscing is easier when scrolling through pictures to remind you of people and times. One of the least heard regrets is that we should have taken more pictures.

Shots to consider:

  • The front of the home from across the street
  • Times when your yard and plants looked exceptional
  • Holiday decorations
  • Special occasions in the homes like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.
    Home improvements
  • Major purchases for the home
  • Times when the home looked the best and the worst
  • Family, friends and pets in the home
  • Your children’s height marks on a door frame
  • The view…

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Letter From the Heart

Ah… Memorial Day. Used to be a big thing. It still is as we remember our veteran (of which Dave is one), but the whole three-days off thing seems to lose its shine if one is self-employed. Every weekend COULD be a three-day off thing, but is almost never is. Days off when you’re not on a clock are when you take them and even then you always feel you should be “doing something.”

And so this past holiday Dave wanted me to get one “day off” and so we chose Sunday. That way we could work Saturday and then have Monday to “clean up” before starting the week on Tuesday. We decided to hike the Winner Creek Trail in Girdwood. It was wonderful hiking the trail this past February since the ReMax/Dynamic awards banquet was at the…

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