Well we returned from visiting family in Salt Lake City to find a nice, thin veneer of the white stuff on the lawn and driveway. So the termination dust has made its way down to terminate what was a really great summer. The weather cooperated nicely for all outside activities. I hope you feel the same.

Just a note: We remembered to take our mowers in for a tune up around April, but sometimes that snow blower gets left for years without any similar attention. That is the case around here as Dave checked the oil in the little red beast before we left and it is coal black and the consistency of his coffee. It weighs about twice what the mower does, he will have to wait for our son Chris to help him get it into the Jeep but it IS going to the shop! Last…

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Mad Myrna’s Productions is proud to announce that The Rocky Horror Show is back! Following in the theaters style of producing high energy, camp musicals, such as Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens, Little Shop of Horrors and more, Mad Myrna’s annual production of The Rocky Horror Show will open for a 21 show run from October 19th-November 17th.

Producer RJ Haywood and Director Cameron Morrison first teamed up on the summer 2012 production  of Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens. Following in the success and critical acclaim of that show, Executive Producer Jeff Wood (aka Mad Myrna) asked them to lead this years production of The Rocky Horror Show.

For several years the production of…

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